Who's behind Adaptify?

Meet Hans and Dom, two innovative solopreneurs who have harnessed the transformative power of GPT-4 to redefine their business landscape. Hans, an ambitious self-taught coder, immersed himself in the world of AI by learning coding from scratch in just a few months. He now seamlessly integrates GPT-4 into his daily tasks, using it about 20 times a day. With an arsenal of carefully crafted templates, mental models, and snippets, Hans has significantly boosted his efficiency and productivity. Hans works from Ramen Club, a co-working space in London.

Dom, on the other hand, discovered the potential of GPT-4 as a powerful ally in his content creation process. Struggling with writer's block became a thing of the past as Dom tapped into the AI's capabilities to rapidly elevate his social engagement and generate high-performing long-form blog posts. The impact on his marketing efforts was undeniable, as he produced more compelling content at a remarkable speed.

United by their success, Hans and Dom have become passionate advocates for the use of AI in marketing, outreach, and content creation. Their journey with ChatGPT revealed the critical role of training the AI with proven frameworks and business-specific personalization, a knowledge they now eagerly share with others.

They understand that many users, like themselves, have tried GPT but may not have fully grasped its true potential. Driven by a genuine desire to help others succeed, Hans and Dom are dedicated to guiding GPT users in unlocking the AI's full power. They believe that by sharing their experiences, frameworks, and strategies, they can empower others to revolutionize their own businesses and experience the same level of success that they have achieved.

You can connect with Hans and Dom on Twitter, where they share new development on AI and engage with the AI Templates community.

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